Bend it like Beckham

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Jasminder is a hindu girl. I her religion is forbidden that girls show her legs and play football. She usually plays in the park with boys. One day, an English girl sees her and proposes to play in her feminine team.

She goes to play but she shames for some scars in her legs, the trainer convinces her and cheers to play. Her family discovers she plays football and forbides to her because her sister´s wedding will be soon and the family doesn´t want be criticized.

The wedding is in danger for a confusion with her friend. Jess lies her family and she goes to Germany, she plays match with her team. Her parents to discover´s her. The girls play and loose the match.

At night they go to a disco and Joe is very interested in Jess. Even he tries to kiss her, Jules gets angry. When they go back to England, Jess parent´s wait for her at the airport. Her sister´s wedding day will be celebrate the last day in the competition leage. Jules doesn´t speak to Jess, but when she discovers that a beater will go to see her, she looks for Jess to get her play, Jess and Jules are friends again.

The wedding day Jess is with her family but she is sad. Her father lets her to play the sencond time in the match. Jess arrives, gets in to the field and wins the final. The beater offers the grant to Jess and Jules. Jess doesn´t know how to tell to her parents because they don´t want her to go.

Finally they let her to go and she goes with Jules. Joes says goodbye at the airport and becames Jess boyfriend. While, David Beckham appears with Victoria.

What have you learned about hindu girls?

Their culture is different, their habits and their way of life.

What habits do the hindu families have?

Girls cant show their legs, they cant go with boys, only if they are engaged.

What´s more surprising for you?

Girls are not free to play football nor to decide about their lives. The way of celebrating weddings is also surprising.

In which situations in the film can you see racism? And machismo?

There is racism when Jess was called paki in the field, also the story about her father and cricket.

There is machismo when her parents dont let her to play football.

Do you think female teams are infravalorated in sports?

Yes, I do.


Because some people think that some sports are only for men and women are only valorated in those sports which the look is important: tennis, swimming, gym...

Do you know famous sportwomen? Give some examples?

Yes, I do. Gisela Pulido in skatesurfing, Serena Williams in tennis, Almudena Cid is gymnast, Gemma Mengual in syncronized swimming, Mireia Montes in swimming, Amaya Valdemoro basketball player, Edurne Pasabán mountain climber.

Actividad realizada por los alumnos de 3º de ESO: Refuerzo de Inglés. Alejandro, Sonia, Sandra, Lorena, Ceciclia, Lidia y María.

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